Election Reform

Our system of elections is archaic. Perhaps it made sense for landed white gentry to represent the masses when women were considered to be property and African Americans were counted as 3/5 of a person, but times have changed, and it’s time for our electoral system to change too. Not only do we need reform in how we vote, but also in how campaigns and elections work. In today’s system, you can essentially buy a seat in congress. But, if you can’t raise money, you have no chance of winning, meaning that often times, the best candidate doesn’t actually win. And why is that? In large part because corporate campaign contributions have corrupted the process. If we are to truly have government by the people and FOR the people, we must: 

  • End the electoral college, so every person’s vote counts – one person, one vote
  • Implement automatic voter registration when a person turns 18
  • Publicly finance campaign elections by enacting Andrew Yang’s Democracy Dollars plan
  • Eliminate corporate PACs and corporate lobbying activities by overturning laws that support the Citizens United decision

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