End fossil fuel dependence. Create Green jobs. Ensure clean air and water.

We are already witnessing the effects of the climate crisis from devastating wildfires to destructive hurricanes all across America. In Virginia, rising temperatures and sea levels are threatening people’s health and potentially costing coastal areas billions of dollars. Meanwhile, Virginia’s infrastructure has an overall ranking of 21st in the nation. By implementing a Green New Deal, including the pillars laid out in the Virginia Green New Deal, we can address climate change impacts, promote environmental justice on a broad scale, and create millions of green jobs to strengthen Virginia’s economy and infrastructure. Summary:

  • Create millions of living wage jobs 
  • Meet power demands through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources
  • Invest in job training, an affordable green transit system, and environment-friendly agriculture
  • Protect clean air, water, natural resources, and food security for all Americans
  • Ensure just and equitable implementation so no community is left behind

Environmental Action goes beyond the Green New Deal, though. In addition, we must once again remember to choose people over profits. This means:

  • Ending fossil fuel subsidies
  • Ending both new and old fossil fuel leases on federal lands
  • Banning fracking 
  • Expand methane control technologies

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