Everyone deserves healthcare. Yet, even now as the nation is rocked by a looming second wave of COVID-19, millions of people remain uninsured and underinsured. In Virginia’s 11th District, 10% of our residents are uninsured and many more are underinsured, a number that has risen since many people who’ve lost their jobs used to have employer-based insurance plans. That means people here and across the country are being forced to choose between paying for food or shelter, and getting the care they need. This is unacceptable. By implementing a universal, single-payer healthcare system where everyone can get the care they need, especially so we can prevent illnesses before they become so critical that they require a trip to the emergency room, we can:

  • Address racial health inequity
  • Support self-employment and small businesses through eliminating healthcare costs
  • Help seniors expand healthcare such as treatments for dental, hearing, and vision
  • Save U.S. trillions of dollars

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