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The Global Warming Survival Guide – Working at All Levels to Make a Change 

The Big Idea: It sometimes can feel like climate change is such a huge issue that there’s nothing we, as individuals, can do about it. It’s true that over 70% of global emissions come from just 100 companies, but that doesn’t mean that our individual actions are useless. The choices that we make every day have power–and taking personal responsibility for climate change amplifies that power. If we make protecting the environment a priority in all of our lives, we can empower our representatives (i.e., we who are running and those already elected) to make substantial policy changes. 

Call to Action Messaging: I’ll push for climate-smart policies in office, but that’s only half the equation. We need to make changes at the individual and political (national/regional/county) levels if we are to maximize and leverage positive outcomes. 

A comprehensive approach vs. some easy things we all can do 

Remembering the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)click hyperlinks for more info 

● Use less 

○ Take canvas or cloth bags to the store (avoids needing the store’s plastic bags) ○ Learn what and how to recycle in your community 

○ Pack waste-free meals with reusable silverware and containers 

● Eat Smart 

○ Reduce meat consumption — try Meatless Mondays! 

○ Buy seasonal produce that is grown locally 

○ Try non-dairy alternatives 

● Reduce Energy Use 

○ Unplug chargers, power strips, and technologies that aren’t in use 

○ Turn your heat down (in the winter) or up (in the summer) 

○ Trade out incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones 

● Be a Climate Smart Consumer 

○ Buy used – shop for second-hand items or borrow from friends 

○ Buy values – shop with companies that are good stewards of our environment ○ Purchase items in bulk to cut down on package materials 

● Be Loud – Your Dollars Have Power 

○ Boycott companies that waste and abuse our resources, and get others to join ○ Contact companies to ask them to consider switching to 100% sustainable packaging 

○ Contact local, state, and national political representatives to ask what they’re doing to help 

● Share this information with friends and family!

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